"Listening Out" at SCMS

Excited to be presenting my work on the social phenomenology of digital clock “jitter” at this year’s Society for Cinema and Media Studies in Seattle.


Session J16 Listening Out - Friday, March 15 9-10:45am

Species, Soundscapes, and the Ethics and Temporalities of Mediated Sound 

CHAIR Alenda Chang University of California, Santa Barbara 

Alexandra Hui Mississippi State University ◆ “Calling the Wild: The Psychoacoustics and Ethics of Mimicry in Modern Duck Hunting” 

Alenda Chang University of California, Santa Barbara ◆ “‘Eavesdropping on Ecosystems’: Soundscape Ecology and Nature as Data” 

N. Adriana Knouf Wellesley College ◆ “Vortical Temporalities of Ecological Radio Transmissions” 

Owen Marshall University of California, Davis Jitter: Digital Clocking as Audible Media” 

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