Three Electric Guitar Compositions

For Sean Matthew Montgomery

1. Connect a guitar to an amplifier with as long an instrument cable as is available. Turn the amplifier off and hide the guitar, still plugged in, somewhere out of the amplifier's line of sight. The amplifier should then be turned on and the settings adjusted until feedback is produced.

2. Bury an electric guitar in a (preferably wooden) box, facing upwards, with its cable running to the surface. Plug cable into an above-ground amplifier placed on or near the place where the guitar is buried in such a way that feedback is produced. Alternatively, the amplifier cabinet may be secretly buried by a third party, who may then invite the performer to locate it by using the guitar as a dowsing rod.

3. Anoint an electric guitar and amplifier with moose scent and place in the woods with an appropriate remote power source. Substitute animals and lures as needed.