oh hello

This is where I'll be posting, probably very sporadically, about things I've been reading, writing, and thinking about, as well as any actual sound-making I've been up to. More than an online business card you can think of this as my own virtual Danzig-style library-grotto, complete with reflecting pool.

I'm a Science and Technology Studies grad student at Cornell, currently based in Upstate NY but soon relocating to Northern California. 

I'm interested in Sound Studies, particularly concerning sound and technology. My dissertation work concerns the articulation of embodied perceptual skills, technological systems, and economies of affect within the fields of sound recording and signal processing. I'm interested generally in the ways we orient and attune ourselves to particular socio-technical orders. In addition to my ongoing ethnographic work with recording and design professionals, I'm currently obsessed with the history and politics of quantization, its relations to cybernetics and information theory, and the ways in which it is implicated in the construction of the senses.